About CleanTECH San Diego:

What is CleanTECH San Diego and what's its value proposition?


CleanTECH San Diego is a non-profit membership organization formed to accelerate San Diego's position as a world leader in the clean energy economy. CleanTECH San Diego advocates for new sources of investment capital, workforce development, federal and state research funding, international trade, targeted regulation and sustainable land use planning and development. As the coalescing agent in this space, we coordinate efforts with other like-minded entities but also advocate policy. Read what our members are saying about the Value Proposition


Who makes up the CleanTECH San Diego board and how is it funded?


One of the strongholds of this organization is its diverse composition. Its board includes representatives from private capital, entrepreneurs, the energy and business sector, the academic and research institutes and local governments. This unique collection of stakeholders enables CleanTECH San Diego to focus on this sector and advance the marketplace in ways others cannot. CleanTECH San Diego is a member organization funded by membership dues.


About Clean Technology:

What is clean technology?


Clean technology, or cleantech, includes clean, green, renewable and alternative technologies and related business models offering competitive returns for investors and customers while providing solutions to global, environmental, and security challenges.


What market segments comprise clean technology?

  • Energy
  • Water and Wastewater
  • Recycling & Remediation
  • Transportation
  • Air & Environment
  • Materials
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Agriculture

About San Diego:

What positions San Diego as a cleantech magnet?


Dozens of cleantech hubs will emerge in the next decade and San Diego will be one of them. In the cleantech race for market supremacy, San Diego is the industry's boot camp of innovation. San Diego boasts a global reputation for technological innovation in biotech and life sciences, providing optimal crossover. With close proximity to the Mexican border, we offer international access and scale through maquiladores. Home to 50 research institutes and six top-rated universities, San Diego is uniquely positioned to capture this market segment with its dedicated programs and intellectual horsepower. A wealth of funding networks can be found in the 40 venture capital firms located here. San Diego brings a formidable host of natural attributes sitting on the Pacific Ocean coastline where the sun shines, the wind blows. Finally, the region is led by innovative political leadership from both sides of the aisle.


Why should CleanTECH San Diego spearhead this market transition?


Other vertical entities exist aimed at raising awareness, fostering outreach and providing education, whereas CleanTECH San Diego is dedicated to branding the San Diego region as a world-renowned corridor for clean technologies, the cornerstone for corporate investments, a showcase for research and development activities and an engine for business and economic growth.


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