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- Jessie J. Knight Jr., Chief Executive Officer, Sempra Utilities

Street light Working Group

The San Diego Region Street Light Working Group (SLWG) was established in 2009 as a peer-to-peer energy efficiency initiative. Sponsored by SDG&E's Local Government Energy Efficiency Partnership Program, the Regional Street Lighting Working Group is co-chaired by CleanTECH San Diego and the City of San Diego. Participating member cities and other public agencies (Port of San Diego, UC San Diego, County of San Diego) are developing and sharing best practices and tools to accelerate the retrofit of the SDG&E service territory's approximately 145,000 street lights.


This regional collaborative initiative has the potential to reduce annual street lighting energy consumption by 60 million kWh, which equates to a reduction of 24,000 tons of CO2 emissions and an annual savings to taxpayers of $10M in combined energy and maintenance costs. In terms of economic development, full regional implementation has the potential to create $58 million in combined product and installation revenues while creating an estimated 600 jobs.


CleanTECH San Diego is building a local “CleanTECH Provider Network” of its member companies that provide the products and services required to complete these street lighting retrofits and deliver the energy efficiency savings to our local communities.


Above and beyond the significant results that this project is already starting to deliver, the collaborative process, methodology, and unique "Dropbox" online best practice sharing toolkit establish a "Regional Sustainability Best Practices Implementation Platform" that can and will now be replicated to address other key regional, and potentially statewide, sustainability opportunities.


In addition to the current focus on retrofitting roadway cobra-style street lights, other future retrofit targets include:


  • Post-top acorn-style street lights
  • Exterior and Interior parking lot lights
  • Municipal and University/School campus lighting
  • Recreational Park lighting



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