“CleanTECH San Diego brings together the best and brightest from the private and public sectors to facilitate, incubate and foster advances in clean technologies.”
- Tony Haymet, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego


CleanTECH San Diego Ranks the World’s Best 10 Cluster Organizations for 2010

CleanTECH San Diego’s efforts have earned the organization a spot on the “Top 10 Cleantech Cluster Organizations for 2010” list. With an estimated 670 cleantech companies in the region, CleanTECH San Diego ranks #7 in the Atlanta-based Sustainable World Capital’s list of global cleantech organization leaders. Describing CleanTECH San Diego’s ingredients in creating its cluster the report references San Diego Mayor Jerry Sander’s leadership, the development of CleanTECH San Diego’s comprehensive one-stop-shop and vibrant ecosystem for cleantech companies to accelerate growth. The report highlights San Diego’s sunny track record by featuring the fact that having less than a third the population of Los Angeles, San Diego has installed 60 percent more solar roofs than its neighbor to the north. In July 2009, San Diego was recognized as the leading solar city in the No. 1 solar state, with over 2,200 rooftop installations and the most solar capacity in the state.

CleanTECH San Diego shares this world stage as one of only four U.S organizations ranking. Other cleantech organizations on the list are Austria Eco World Styria in Graz, Austria; The New England Clean Energy Council, Cambridge, Mass.; Finnish Cleantech Cluster, Lahti, Finland; MaRS, Toronto; Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster, Copenhagen, Denmark; The CleanTech Center, Syracuse, N.Y.; Environmental Business Cluster, San Jose; Stockholms Miljöteknikcenter, Stockholm, Sweden; Ontario Clean Water Initiative, Toronto. Read the full story here: “Top 10 Cleantech Cluster Organizations for 2010”


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